In this article, we will learn What is regular expression in simple term

Have a look at below codes.

Looks wired!!

Cool!! In this tutorial We will discuss regular expression and what programming languages do you need to learn in order to use regular they are so much power and many more.

Before proceeding further you should have a knowledge about two things

1. A regular expression is also known as RegEx by the programmer community.

2. The regular expression is not a programming language.

You don’t need to learn any specific programming languages to use the regular expression. All the programming language has the ability to use the Regular expression.

Some use them by default and in some case you have to download some packages to use RegEx.

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How a Regular Expression looks like

RegEx looks like the Below chunk of code

What us RegEx

RegEx is simply a pattern matching thing.

We will understand this with a simple example. Let we have to found all the email id’s in a document we just press control+F and tries to find the one we are searching for by entering the name. if we enter then it will only show email ids having Gmail not the one having yahoo or Rediff mail.

But what if we want to find out all Email ids? So RegEx does it’s work here.

All virus wanna cry Ransomware is based on RegEx. They can enter into any systems irrespective of the directory structure and can find out the data they looking for.

What Programming Language works with RegEx

RegEx is a way of finding the things. So you don’t need any specific programming language for RegEx.




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