you might have heard about Dark web and wondered whats this in layman’s term.let’s know what is dark web.

To understand this we have divided  internet into three sections.

  • surface web
  • deep web
  • dark web

What is Surface web?

Surface web is the web/internet used by normal peoples in day to day life. In fact, now you are reading this article in the Surface web.

The surface web can be accessed by anyone from any place without any permission. Every search results you are getting from the google are surface web.

but you will surprise to know that surface web is only 5% of the total internet.

What is deep web?

The deep web includes all the cloud storages like google drive, Dropbox, companies databases etc. or simply we can say things that we can’t get through google search engine is included in the deep web.

To access deep web you need a special URL and permission to access. That access may be a password or any type of authentication.

The content of Deep web never gets indexed by Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

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What is dark web?

Before explaining anything about dark web let me warn you dark web is completely illegal never use it.

what is dark web used for?

By Dark web, you have the power to achieve anything on the internet and it also never gets indexed by search engines.

How is the dark web accessed?

If you want to access dark web then you need a special browser called TOR browser but keep in mind it is completely illegal.

TOR was invented for USA Navy but now used by the hackers and illegal peoples.

TOR can also be used as VPN.

the above information is only for information purpose, Never ever use the dark web as it is completely illegal.



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