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 What is uv ray?

It is a type of electromagnetic radiation.

we all know about UV rays!! And you might aware about its bad sides but do you know it have many good sides also.
So let’s have a comparative look
Due to the depletion of ozone layer UV rays that exist in the sunlight falls on our earth and the ray damages our DNA. That’s the demerit of UV rays.
So to use the demerit as a merit now our scientist are using that to kill the germs.

Merits of UV ray

  • UV ray is used in water purifier to kill bacteria
  • Uv light is uses to see things that are not visible in our eye. For example stains on clothes or blood. And that’s why uv light is used by scientific team. Its because protein molecule absorbes UV light and shines.
  • UV light is used to identify duplicate currency.
  • Toothbrush cleaning device uses uv ray to kill germs
  • Insect killer lamp uses uv ray to attract insects towards it.



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