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This time we are revealing the secret behind snake on the screen that you might have seen on FB and also you have misled to comment #ran and said to share their post and you might have frustrated that it won’t work.

So let’s know the fact behind this

How they do this and how you can do the same and make fool you, friends.

Actually, that’s an application that takes your permission to show these snakes/insects on your screen.

You have to go to that application and have to set the time.after click on start is shows the snake/insect in your screen after a few seconds/minutes as set by the user.


Open your play store.

Search for snake on screen

You will see many apps similar to that

install any app

After Installing open the app and click on show snake and minimise your app.

After a few seconds, the snake will be on your phone 😋

Show it to your friend and prank them.

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