Hellooo everyone…

If I will say

WhatsApp is doing a campaign called Anti smoking campaign

Sounds weird?

Never heard about this campaign on internet or news earlier?

Well, that’s why these are mind-blowing facts about WhatsApp perhaps not available yet on the internet.

When you are using the emoties section of WhatsApp have you noticed that the similar kind of emoties are arranged so that it will save your time to search for your favorite emoties.

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I am giving some examples to elaborate my point

1. The laughing emotions are together and pout are together and similar to others.

2. The snow sports players, the similar balls.

3. Cars, cable cars, trucks

4. Cigarette and coffin

This image provides about anti-smoking campaign 😉

So here are some interesting facts that you might not know.

WhatsApp bot

If you know any such facts then comment below.

We will be happy to make them live.


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