You might have come across this confusion that why I phones have Lesser RAM than Androids?

The same specification of Android requires 4GB ram while ios requires some Megabytes of RAM


So In this post, we will discuss why I phones have lesser RAM than Android

When the user is not using any app, the system moves it to the background state.Most apps can run to the Background state quickly, but there are legitimate reasons for apps to stay in the background.

Some apps also need to operate at Background like playing music over a music player or a download running in the background; Ios helps to do so efficiently and without draining system resources or the user’s battery.

IOS adopts three following Techniques

  • Apps which start a task in the foreground can take some time to finish the same job when app moves to Background.
  • Apps that need to run in the background and supports specific types of tasks can declare their support for background executions.

Always aims to avoid background work unless doing so improves the overall user experience, which Apple does efficiently and Android fails to achieve.
iOS has no methods for Garbage collection, Even though Garbage collection had no work when ARC used.
Another fact is Android treats UI rendering while on ios UI rendering happens in a separate thread with real-time priority while in Android this happens with normal priority.



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