Everyone knows about the third pin so knows as earth pin but have you ever wondered why earth pin is little longer and more in diameter.

Let’s know😍

Before knowing the fact behind it you may be thinking that it is a lager area of crossection and it is thicker to provide less resistance.

But no!!

Why the third pin?

The third pin is used for earthing purposes. It is connected to the body of the device to make it safe to use the device for you.

But it has no use unless you are having an earthing connection at your home.

Why earth pin is longer?

You can check the earth pin is little longer than the other two,

Its because it enters first and first makes earthing connection before electricity.

And makes the device safe to use.


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Why the earthing pin is thick?

Let the earthing pin is same in diameter as the other two and mistakenly you put it to the electric power hole,

Now guess what?

Your device’s body will be charged which may cause electric shock.

Now you guessed it right😋

The earth pin is thicker so that even in wrongly you can’t put it in the electric power supply hole.

That’s it 😍

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