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In our day-to-day life and this digital world, everyone is familiar with the digital payment system, banks, plastic cards. While using plastic cards, you may have seen the variety of plastic cards such as visa, master card, maestro card, rupay etc.

And I am damn sure this question might have come to your mind what are these card varieties while the function of all is same.

So to clarify your doubts, we are here na😋😍

What are these plastic cards

These plastic cards may be a credit or debit card that is used for transactions.

What is the variety of cards

There are many types such as visa, master card, MasterCard,Rupay, American Express etc.


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What these variety names mean?

These visa, master card,rupay are payment gateways.

Explain in detail what’s the work of these gateways

While transferring money or for any transaction between two different banks a mediator is needed, and it’s who the gateway is.

Visa and MasterCard have almost same functionality, and these are international gateways.

Rupay is the gateway of India which stands for rupees pay.

If you are doing a transaction inside India then rupay is the best as it is more secure and deducts less tax.

What are the limitations having a Rupay card

Considering the limitations of Rupay its valid only in India so you can’t use if for foreign transaction. But Indian govt is making steps to make it famous and also giving cashback offers on rupay card.

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