Signals can be either analog or digital.

An analog signal is a continuous waveform that changes over the wave moves from value A to value B, it passes through and includes an infinite number of values along its path.

A digital signal, on the other hand, is can only have a limited number of defined values, often as simple as 1 and 0.The transition of a digital signal from value to value is instantaneous, like a light being switched on and off.

A comparative figure is given below

We represent signals by plotting them on a pair of perpendicular axes.

The vertical axis represents the value of signal strength of a signal and the horizontal represents the passage of time.

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There are various types of conversion between Digital and Analog signal such as:-

1. Digital to Digital conversion

2. Digital to Analog conversion

3. Analog to Analog conversion

4. Analog to digital conversion

We will discuss theme briefly here.

1. Digital to Digital conversion

Digital to digital conversion is the representation of digital information by a digital signal.

For example when you transmit data from your computer to printer. Here both the original data and transmitted data are digital.

In this type of encoding the binary 1s and 0s generated by a computer are translated into a sequence of Voltage pulses that can be propagated over the wire.

The digital to digital translation is performed in 3 ways such as

  • Line Coding
  • Block coding
  • Scrambling

2. Analog to digital conversion

Sometimes we need to digitalize an analog signal

For example, to send human voice to long distance we need to digitalize it.

This is called Analog to digital conversion.

3. Digital to Analog conversion

Digital to analog conversion is the process of changing one of the characteristics of an analog signal based on the information in a digital signal (0s and 1s)

4. Analog to Analog conversion

Analog to Analog conversion is the representation of analog information by an analog signal.

For example:- Radio, that familiar utility is an example of Analog to Analog conversion


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