Best blood pressure app Some Indian scientist has developed a smartphone app and a hardware for that that can help people to measure blood pressure and blood sugar so-called Android app to check BP.

Best blood pressure app to check BP

They have targeted the artery at the fingertip to check the blood pressure through that.

This approach is being achieved by using two sensors

  1. An optical sensor
  2. Force sensor

The whole kit is just one centimeter thick and can be attached to the back of the phone as well.

bp app

The user needs to open the app and put finger on the sensor then the app will show blood pressure and sugar reading.

bp checker

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bp check machine

The real machine that is used to measure blood pressure by doctors is sphygmomanometer.

But in this app case, we don’t need sphygmomanometer.


bp and sugar check through finger prank

Though some apps are now available in the market in which you can prank your friends that you can measure blood pressure on your phone but practically it is not possible without hardware.

bp checkpoint prank

sugar and bp


download bp apk

download sugar app



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