We all have seen aeroplanes having base white painted and yes there are some decorations on various colors on it but the majority parts are white.


many people may say its a normal thing and there are no  science behind it but in reality it carries two reasons.

yeah its basic reasons not so scientific complex reasons

basically the reasons are

  1. Scientific reasons
  2. Economical reasons

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1.Scientific reasons:-

scientific reasons are the reasons that help the plane to fly smoothly. There are various scientific reasons like Thermal advantage,advantage in external inspection and emergency case.

2.Economical reasons:-

Economical reasons are the reasons that help the airline owners fiancially. In economical reason comes price, resale value and maintenance cost.

Scientific reasons:-

(a) Thermal Advantage:-

As we all know the term thermal is related to heat. White color is a good reflector of sunlight. it reflects almost 99% of heat thus prevents heat from building up.If the temperature increases abnormally then it may cause several problems to the plane.

(b) Easy in External Inspection:-

It is easy to identify the scratches and dents  if the surface is white so that it will  be easy to identify. Identifying and repairing these are important for passengers safety.

(c) Emergency case:-

As white is a highly reflecting color is helps to spot the plane if any accident occurs. its also easily visible in dark in case of mishaps.

Economical reasons:-

(a) Price:-

heavy investments is needed to paint a plane. white color is bit cheaper than other colors.

(b) Resale value:-

The resale value of white painted colors are always higher than the other ones.

(c) Maintenance cost:-

Plane always flies in high and there are more chances of fading colors. so white color is used to reduce color maintenance cost.


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