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Something About me and Thefactbuzz

Welcome to my Blog and Thank-you for stopping by

I love Blogging and if my this passion can help someone that will be the happiest moment for me.

Why i Started this Blog?

I would take a moment to explain why I started this Blog and what value you can get out of it.

I wanted to create a blog when I was in my High-school but that time I was unaware of how to start a Blog and what to do.

Then to learn these I started searching on Google how to start a Blog and in this Process, I came across Blogspot.

As Blogspot is a free platform and I was a student I choose to use Blogspot and started my first Tech blog on Blogger and Later added a custom domain to it. That was www.ilovetricks.in

Later I came across AdSense and found to know that even I can earn from my blog through Adsense.

I applied for it and successfully got approved too.

As I was a Beginner those days I don’t have much idea about invalid clicks etc. I was excited to get my first earning so I started clicking my ads to make my earnings reach the threshold payout range.

and soon I got Blocked by Adsense.

I Learned a lot from my First Blog, how genuine content, Ranking etc matters for a Blog

and started this Blog ( TheFactBuzz ) with WordPress.

Why Should you Read this Blog?

We represent the facts,  Latest updates, Tech etc. to you

         Who am I??

Myself Santosh Nayak – The Guy Behind this Blog

I am a Student, blogger, WordPress Lover, and self-taught web Designer and have  Learned most of the Tech stuff from Google and Youtube.

I was a Physics Hons student but I shifted my Master’s Degree to Computer Science Branch(MCA)