In India, most of the women face a lot of social inequality ranging from gender-specific abortion to

  • In India rape is considered as a very serious matter and in case any women face any rape or sexual harassment type issue even she can directly mail to the deputy commissioner or commissioner of police regarding it.
    And the police can never say NO to lodge an FIR when a woman is saying to claim an FIR because of sexual harassment or rape.
  • NO arrest can be made to women during the night or after the sunset until and unless the case is that much serious.
  • A woman can only be called to a police station only if there are women constable available at the police station and in the presence of the woman’s family or friends.

under section 228-A as per Indian constitution disclosing the victim’s identity is a punishable offense. No police officer can share your identity with anyone, if anyone shares the identity then it’s punishable.


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